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Our client, are the owners of an urban area unique and full of life of 378.000 M2, two lakes of 110.000 M2, with swans, ducks, cranes, herons, wild boar, deer, etc.., thousands of fishes and surrounded by over 300 acres of forest. Construction of multifamily homes, detached villas, office centre, shopping, services, restaurant, nursery, hotel conference &resort, wedding halls, nursing homes, boy scout, school farm, children’s facilities, equestrian club, sports and leisure activities has been approved and is ready for build.

The area includes nursing homes, boy scout, school farm, children’s facilities, equestrian club, sports and leisure activities. It can build immediately, to do the project and applying for licenses.

The construction is flanked for 1300 meters by the road. It is only 30 km from Wroclaw, a city with 700,000 inhabitants, which hosted Euro cup 2012 and will be future European Capital of Culture 2016, one of the largest cities and economic growth projection of Poland. The land is located 9 km from Trzebnica, a city with over 30,000 residents and will be just 10 minutes from two highways future of Poland, the A-5 (bind Wroclaw to Poznan and Gdansk) and the A-8 (bind Wroclaw with Warsaw), two of the largest in the country.

This project is innovative and is based primarily on the use of new technologies and environmental systems.

The  feasibility study of the project is finished and we have all the necessary documentation.

The Feasibility study of the project, economic tables including budget, construction plan with all the stages, costs, prices, profitability, as well as the urban project, division of the area and economic data, including the sale and purchase of the terrain, construction costs etc.

We are seeking expression of interest from Investors and developers around the globe, more details can be found here All projects and documents are in Polish, English, German and Spanish. Please request it.

View the presentation.

Contact us on 0330 124 1822 to express your interest or alternatively fill out our online form.


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