Landlord Lettings and Management Services Reading

Landlord Lettings and Management Services

We are not your traditional neither online estate agent. Our landlord lettings and management services delivers a lettings and management service like no other property agent.

Landlord Lettings and Management Services

Proving our clients with standard services and more for less. The difference is, you will be saving on agent lettings, management also repair fees whilst receiving a better service. 

Each tenant is tenant screened to ensure their suitable for your property and in-turn, your property is suitable for them.

Additionally, we also work with landord’s and property owners whom resides abroad and requires our “hands off” lettings and management services.

In-Ex Fixtures landlord lettings and management services goes above and beyond for our clients. Basically, we will update your property by sourcing and providing all replacement furnishings, fixtures and fittings as and when required. 

Another point, our in-house maintenance department is at hand to undertake those maintenance and emergency issues as they arise. This means less for you to worry about.

Cleaning Contractor

Our cleaning team knows what, when and how to clean which will create the sparkle needed for end of tenancy cleans, ready for your next tenant. 

Some of our landlord lettings and management services is listed below but is not limited to:

  • Marketing – We will create exposure for your listing on our website, alongside all the other major portals. Third party sites and socials. Signboards are available to display at the property.
  • Tenant Finding – We have tenants in waiting due to the high demand for rental properties.
  • Tenant Screening – Each tenant will be screened to make sure they are suitable for your property
  • Viewing – Arranged within M4 corridor only
  • DBS Checks – To help decide if the tenant is suitable for your property.
  • Right to Rent – Checking the immigration status of all potential tenants.
  • Rent Collection – Our fully managed service will allow us to collect your rental payments on your behalf.
  • Security Deposits – Collected from the tenant in advance to secure and care for the premises.
  • Dispute Resolutions – Dealt with via Property Redress Scheme which we are a member, they are at hand for disputes.
  • Maintenance and Repairs – Our in house team covers all the trades for less, no need to shop around.

We have tenants in waiting in need of your property to rent. Please contact us if we can assist with your rental property requirements.

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